Qualities of An Exceptional Estate Planning Lawyer

The Qualities That Make An Estate Planning Lawyer An Exceptional One

When you’re all set to craft your estate planning, the step to proceed with your plan is to go through the profiles of family estate lawyers. You may come across many of them through both online and offline mediums. The availability of so many local lawyers for will may confuse you in terms of finalizing a contract with one of them.

Exceptional Estate Planning Lawyer

Now, if you’re doing it for the first time, odds are high that you don’t know what services you can expect from a standard estate planning lawyer. An estate law attorney remains liable for performing a chunk of tasks related to estate planning and will drafting. His responsibilities don’t end up at handling the legalities of estate planning. If you’re completely unaware of the estate laws and legal prospects related to estate planning, selecting the right lawyer will be more complicated for you.

This article will inform you about the qualities that you may find in the estate planning lawyer you’re about to hire.

Specialization In Real Estate Planning 

Though a will estate lawyer has so many responsibilities to deal with, his main focus should be on real estate planning. Accomplishing the legal aspects of estate planning and other tasks are also relevant, but those tasks shouldn’t impact estate planning by any means. It’s highly advisable for you to opt for an estate lawyer who holds an impeccable track record in estate planning. Lawyers with special certifications and accreditations will be the best choices for you.

When it comes to estate planning, you can’t afford any casualty here. Therefore, it’s wise to appoint the best available choice on this. If budget is not your concern, you may prefer to hire a specialized estate lawyer specifically for the estate planning task.

Will Crafting 

A professional estate lawyer should function as a family will lawyer and take up the responsibility of crafting a will based on the estate planning customized by you. The will you create is the legal documentation of your estate planning intent and that needs to be crafted with minute detail. Hence, you should go for a dedicated lawyer who puts emphasis on will crafting besides estate planning. He will be responsible for implementing your asset distribution plans in your will properly and legalizing that.

Enforcing Power Of Attorney And Medical Power Of Attorney 

Power of attorney is authorizing someone to make decisions on your behalf during medical emergencies and other unfavorable circumstances. In case of your sudden death or medical complication, your designated power of attorney can make legal decisions related to your properties and assets. A will and testament lawyer you hire should designate your legal power of attorney and medical power of attorney.

Tax reduction 

Real estate taxes often occupy you so much that you find ways to get rid of them desperately. The escalating amount of real estate taxes can be cut off with a proper financial planning service. But did you know that estate trust lawyers are supposed to offer financial planning services as well? Probably not. So, it would be better as you hire an estate lawyer who helps you reduce real estate taxes with proper financial planning. By doing so, you won’t have to hire a financial planning lawyer separately.

Elimination Of Probated Court Procedures 

Generally, it takes a lot of time to legalize estate planning and validating your family will as a legal document. Often probate court procedures cause more delays as so many will validate applications to get submitted within short spans. Your estate lawyer needs to perform the functions of an estate probate lawyer to help you avoid probate court procedures. 

Probate court procedures are truly frustrating, especially when you’re in a hurry to designate your legal beneficiaries through your will. Sometimes, veteran patients don’t have the time to wait for probate court procedures to get complete and they pass away before the case is dismissed. An efficient estate probate attorney can make the entire process simplified and fast.

Estate Protection Trusts 

Sometimes you are in need of enforcing estate protection trusts to protect your estate assets. That mostly happens when someone chooses a minor as a beneficiary of his assets and properties. In such a case, a will trust lawyer can help to register and legalize the trusts needed to protect the assets of the owner until the beneficiary is officially eligible to claim his shares. 

Hiring such a lawyer separately will cost you a lot. Instead, you should find an estate lawyer who caters to this service along with other estate planning services too.


These are the qualities you must look for in an estate lawyer you hire. Lastly, make sure that your lawyer sends you a fixed quote for all the tasks he accomplishes related to real estate planning. That will make sure that you won’t have to pay hidden charges or extra charges.

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