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At Estate Law Center, USA, we understand the world of estate planning can be incredibly stressful and confusing for many people. This is why our experienced estate planning attorneys want to do our part to educate the community, in any way we can. As a result, we are proud to host a free webinar aimed at informing, guiding, and advising the general public on a number of estate planning concerns.

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Attorney Holly Geerdes specializes in Estate Law and has made it her passion to educate the public in an informative and engaging way. Her belief is that everyone needs an estate plan– no matter how much (or how little) assets you have, it needs to be protected. If you’ve been putting it off, reserve a seat today and learn from an expert.

Workshop Reviews

“I learned a lot in a short time. It was engaging and easy to learn with all the examples.”

– Navdeep Mann, Attendee
“I enjoyed the entire presentation. It was clear, to the point, and comprehensive.”

– Jane Yang, Attendee
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Join us for our FREE Estate Planning webinar! These webinars are free but have limited availability, so don't wait! Register today!