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Things You Can’t Avoid While Writing a Will

  You must know that planning your estate at the right time is very crucial, irrespective of the asset size. But having a clear plan for your estate will not serve the purpose. So you need to have a proper understanding and write them down in the form of a Will. If required, you can also contact a family Will

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Does a medical power of attorney override a living Will?

    We must first understand what a Medical Power of Attorney (MPA) and a Living Will are. A Living Will is a statement that lists what you want and don’t want if you become incapacitated in the future. This can include anything from your guardian, to what services you are open to receiving. A Living Will may be called

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Transferring Assets to Trust: Steps on Moving Assets Into Trust

  Transferring Assets to Trust: Steps on  Moving Assets Into Trust Trusts have become increasingly popular these days. It’s mainly because they are the most effective way to transfer all the assets without going through the probate court.  They are pretty simple to establish when you have an excellent and trained probate attorney in Atlanta beside you. Remember, your trust

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Does an Irrevocable Trust Avoid Estate Tax?

We all know, there are two types of trusts: Irrevocable and Revocable. People prefer Revocable Trust because it can be modified by the Grantor anywhere and anytime. Revocable Trusts are used to ensure that a Probate Process case is not needed for the Grantor’s estate when it passes.   On the other, the Grantor can’t change the Irrevocable Trust once

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Why Hire an Estate Planning Attorney?

  Many people believe that they can create an estate plan on their own. However, working with an experienced estate planning lawyer can help you avoid mistakes that can haunt your family down the road. All estate planning documents should be drafted and reviewed by a skilled lawyer who can ensure that everything is in order and that there are

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