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Uncomplicate your legacy for your heirs and family. Trust our team of Will & Trust Attorneys in Maryland.

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Ensure that your assets are handled as per your wishes after you have passed on. Make it easy for your family, especially when they’re still grieving your loss.

Make a new will that documents your last wishes

Get your old reviewed to meet changing legislations

Modify your will in changing circumstances such as marriage or divorce


Avoid probate delays and costs by setting up a trust the right way. Rely on Maryland’s best will and trust specialists for transfer and protection of your assets. We can:

Review your family situation and create a trust accordingly

Minimize bureaucratic delays and cost for your family/heirs

Ease foreseeable conflict among family members

Maximize the benefit for your family

Why Create Wills & Trusts

You Are the Best Judge of Who Gets What

There is no better judge to decide who can carry your legacy in terms of assets or who may benefit the most from those.

Wills and trusts ensure that your wishes are carried out and only the designated person gets what you wanted them to have.

You Don’t Want Family Feuds after you’re Gone

Property feuds are not uncommon, especially when you leave behind considerable accumulated assets. But common does not mean it is not frustrating for your family.

With wills & trusts, you leave behind only assets and not feuds

These Aren’t as Expensive as you Think

Most people think that hiring a will and trust attorney in Maryland is an exorbitant affair. But they fail to calculate the costs that family will have to incur post death in the absence of a will of a trust.

That said, even otherwise, you can easily afford one.

Maryland’s Best Will & Trust Attorneys Are Ready to Assist you with

Revocable Living Trust

Irrevocable Trust

Testamentary Trust

Living Trust

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts

Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts

Last Wills

Joint rr Mutual Wills

Last Will and Testament


The Estate Law Center staff were a pleasure to work with on establishing a trust and assisting with the transfer of a family property. Holly response time was exceptional. Highly recommend holly and her team for all your legal needs.

Debrah H

Attorney Holly Geerdes is very informative, professional & friendly she was very helpful in updating my revocable living trust. Because of Estate Law Center I am very confident that I will be able to contact her in the future for any assistance. Thank you

Gary W

Estate Law Center were just awesome! Explained each step thoroughly and made the process easy and informative. I have peace of mind knowing all of my personal and physical properties/assets are in order and being handled by Estate Law Center.

A Benson

The Estate Law Center staff were a pleasure to work with on establishing a trust and assisting with the transfer of a family property. Holly response time was exceptional. Highly recommend holly and her team for all your legal needs.

Debrah H

What Makes Us Different

More than 50 Years of Combined Experience.

Proud Recipient of the Georgia Outstanding Young Lawyer Award.

Named One of the Top 14 Attorneys in Georgia Under 40.

Included in the Super Lawyer® Rising Stars® List

Employed as an Adjunct Law Professor.

Named top 100 trial attorney by national trial lawyers Association.

Named 25 most influential Asian American.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between a will and a trust?

A will is a declaration of a person about how their personal estate will be managed and distributed after they have passed on. A will needs to go through probate post death of the testator.

A trust, on the other hand, is a legal entity, wherein a trustor grants the authority to a trustee for managing the transferred assets for the beneficiary. The trust does not need to go through probate post death of the trustor.

2. Should I prefer a trust over a will?

It is usually better to go for a trust since it not only keeps the transfer process in line but also does not have to go through probate. A will needs to go through probate post the testator’s death, causing frustration and expenses for the family/heirs.

3. What are living trusts?

A living trust is a legal document that enables you to place your assets into a trust to be used for your own benefit while you are alive, and later transfer the same to your designated beneficiaries when you die. This is done by your successor trustee (the chosen representative).

4. What happens if I die without a will?

In the case of your death without a will, the probate court will execute the distribution of your assets as per the local “intestate succession” laws.

It is not advisable to leave things to chance, especially if you have considerable accumulated wealth. Talk to one of our will and estate planning attorneys in Maryland and make a well-thought decision. Contact us here.

5. Can a will be revised once the final draft is done?

Yes, of course. This can be done as per your will and/or as per the change in laws or life events like marriage and divorce.

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