I was referred to Geerdes & Associates for a consultation regarding a theft claim. After speaking with an attorney for no more than five minutes, I retained them as my attorney with complete confidence. They closed the case in my favor and the whole time I never had to deal with aggravating insurance adjustors. If you want someone to joke around with go elsewhere, but if you want a real attorney, I would put my money with Geerdes.

Thanks Holly again for fixing my troubles and getting me back to my normal life.


Holly Geerdes has been a great resource to me and my clients. I highly recommend contacting her if you have a legal issue and need counsel.

Matthew S.

Attorney Holly has helped me out with my driving with suspended licence charge and I am very satisfied with the outcome words cannot discribe.

– Jin P.

Thanks for everything you have done for me you have helped me out alot. Keep it up on a scale of 1 to 10 your a 300.

– Travis S.

I’m so glad that I choose your firm to represent me. You gave me peace of mind. Thank you.

– Sandra M.

I have been very please with the way your office handled my case.

– Roger A.